Tips for Managing Behaviors

It is painful to see our loved ones experience confused and disoriented behaviors.  Because medication can have a limited or inconsistent impact, other approaches to supporting an elder with dementia are essential. 

  •  Know the person’s biography.

  • All behavior has meaning.  Be creative in searching for the meaning.  Knowing the biography helps with this.

  • Everyone wants/needs to have purpose and contribute, to feel good about themselves regardless of their mental capacity.

  • Connect, connect, connect.  Join them in the behavior if at all reasonable and possible.

  • Enhance the behavior for them.  This involves finding the meaning of the behavior.

  • Once you enhance it for them, they will begin to connect with you and are more likely to follow your lead.

  • Lead them into something/place to which you want them to go.

  • Thank them for getting you there to help them feel they have purpose and have contributed.