Mental Health

Lady with questionsElderCare Consultants works with individuals and families of all ages.  Working in mental health is our niche; we are well-known in the industry as the people to call when someone is facing a mental health crisis.  ElderCare Consultants is owned by a Licensed Psychologist, with over 25 years experience helping families navigate a complex mental health system.  We have worked with clients diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, depression, anxiety, emotional/behavioral disorders, personality disorders, traumatic brain injury, and other mental health concerns. 

The following is a list of services we offer to families and individuals:

  • 24/7 mental health crisis intervention.

  • Assist with psychiatric diagnosis differentiation.

  • Access the most appropriate and cost-effective psychiatric care.

  • Promote independence by utilizing the least restrictive level of care and residency.

  • Partner with families, doctors and other mental health professionals to coordinate care and promote wellness and independence.

  • Problem solve matters involving probate and mental health court.