Safe Passage Travel Companions

Airplane LandingProviding comprehensive assistance for your trip from beginning to end.

ElderCare Consultants SAFE PASSAGE program offers door-to-door travel assistance for seniors or persons with disabilities.We provide assistance with travel preparation, airport navigation, coordinating appropriate services upon arrival, and assistance transitioning into a new environment.  With Safe Passage, you will have peace of mind and continuity of care no matter where you go! 

Safe Passage Will Help You

  • Save time as we assist you in making travel arrangements that best meet your medical, physical and social needs
  • Reduce risks that may result from traveling independently.
  • Establish connections with local services necessary for continuity of care.
  • Gain confidence and peace of mind for individuals who are no longer able to travel independently.

Safe Passage Scenarios: Who Should Call? 

SuitcasesScenario #1

Mrs. Smith is a working professional with 2 children.  Her recently widowed mother lives out of state and wants to move to Minnesota.  Safe Passage will help Mrs. Smith coordinate her mother’s move.  Services may include making travel arrangements, help with estate planning, arranging movers, and offering referrals for other resources.  A qualified Travel Companion can accompany the client from door-to-door to ensure a smooth transition.

Scenario #2

Vivian is an active 84-year old widow who is experiencing early signs and symptoms of dementia.  She would like to go visit her family in Chicago, but she is no longer able to travel by herself.  Large crowds make Vivian anxious and she fears that getting through the airport will make her feel disoriented, frustrated and confused.  Safe Passage will assist Vivian in making travel arrangements help her navigate through the airport and public transportation system.  The travel companion will accompany her from door-to-door to reduce anxiety and the risks of traveling alone.

Little Car on Map Scenario #3

Harold has a complex medical condition and needs to fly from Florida to the Mayo Clinic for surgery.  His wife is worried that the stress of traveling will complicate his condition further, and they worry about navigating such a large medical system.  Safe Passage can provide a Registered Nurse to travel with the couple and provide for all medical needs while traveling.  A team of professionals will accompany them at the Hospital, coordinate services, provide advocacy, and offer follow-up services.  

Scenario #4

June enjoyed her early years of retirement traveling with an Elder Travel Group.  Over the past 2 years, she lost her eyesight and moved into an Assisted Living Facility.  June is depressed, lonely, and feels that her life is over.  After talking with someone about Safe Passage, she realizes she hasn’t “seen it all” and wants to go to Hawaii.  Safe Passage will help her make travel arrangements and will provide a qualified professional to accompany her on the trip.